Some thoughts on technology

What kind of computer works well for homeschooling?

My personal preference is for a small, inexpensive laptop for the homeschool parent and also for kids who are working at a middle school level or higher. I recommend an inexpensive laptop because when you are homeschooling every day in all kinds of places it is almost inevitable that some disaster is going to strike, and a cheap laptop is a lot easier to replace than an expensive one.

My kids have had their own tablets from an early age. I like the Kindle Fire tablets because they are reliable, have great parental controls, and are inexpensive to replace.

Wireless internet service will make your life a lot easier. You won’t be tied down to one location.

rawpixel-com-340968I don’t recommend printing every resource (unless you can afford all of that ink or have a child with special needs who can’t tolerate using screens) but you’ll probably want to print some things. For that, I recommend an inexpensive laser printer, because toner for a laser printer is less expensive than ink for an inkjet printer and because laser printers at the lower end of the price range can be comparable in price to an inkjet printer. Last time my laser printer ran out of toner, I got one of those cheap toner refill kits and it’s still working really well over a year later.

If you don’t have a printer and plan to go shopping, look for a printer that has wireless capability and that can make copies and scan.

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