Ray’s Arithmetic for free

You all probably know that you can download a slew of free books. Those books include new books and vintage classic books. 

Google Play offers free books, but their collection is nowhere near as good as Amazon’s. There is only ONE THING that Google Play does that Amazon hasn’t quite gotten into yet: digitizing vintage children’s school books. 

Guess what you can find on Google Play?


How about a complete set of Ray’s Arithmetic, for FREE?

Ray’s New Primary Arithmetic for Young Learners 
by Joseph Ray. (1877). This is the first book in the famous Ray’s Arithmetic series, which is especially known for its emphasis on mental math. Don’t pay for a copy! Find this vintage resource free on Google Play. This book begins with counting and writing numbers up through multiplication and division. There are no answers at the back of the book, but we have a link to the answer key listed below.

 Ray’s New Intellectual Arithmetic
 by Joseph Ray (1877 edition) Begins with addition (and runs through subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, and decimals) and focuses on mental arithmetic. This book does not have the answers at the back of the book and requires an answer key. (Google Play)

Ray’s New Practical Arithmetic 
by Joseph Ray (1877) This book begins with addition and goes up to fractions and decimals, but also includes problems related to finance, taxes, insurance and that sort of thing. Like the others, the answers are not in the back of the book. (Google Play)

Key to Ray’s New Arithmetics, Intellectual and Practical 
by Joseph Ray (1879). This is the answer key to the problems in those books. 

Dubb’s Arithmetical Problems 
by E. L. Dubbs Meant as a supplement to Ray’s Practical Arithmetic by adding practice problems. The answers are in the back. (Google Play)

Ray’s New Higher Arithmetic 
by Joseph Ray (1880) A more in-depth treatment of arithmetic. There are no answers in the back of the book. (Google Play)

Key to Ray’s New Higher Arithmetic 
by Joseph Ray (1881) The answers to problems in Ray’s New Higher Arithmetic. (Google Play)

Ray’s Algebra, First Book 
by Joseph Ray Fans of Dr. Ray will be happy to know that his series extends into algebra.

Ray’s Algebra, part second 
by Joeseph Ray.

Key to Ray’s Algebra 
by Joesph Ray. Contains the key to Ray’s Algebra book one and two

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