Free app to help you find great apps!


Okay, this one is a little weird.

I was out and about on the internet, specifically speaking I was correcting my son’s math worksheet using the digital packs on the Math U See website.  Math U See is NOT a free math curriculum, but it’s the math curriculum that has saved my sanity with my two youngest kids who apparently can only learn math by using concrete, hands-on manipulatives. We love Math U See. But that isn’t what I wanted to share with you.

I happened to see that Math U See had added some educational math app recommendations based on information from an affiliated site called Kindertown

Kindertown turns out to be a website that has educators review educational apps for kids from preschool age to about age eight. The educators make recommendations on the best educational apps in each subject area. If you want expert advice on what the best apps are for your child this a place you want to check out.

kelly-sikkema-266805The apps are organized into categories based on subject. I have looked over a few of the recommendations and I was very impressed. A lot of the apps were already among my favorites, and I found some new ones to check out.

Guess what? They have an app, called Kindertown, that you can get for free on the Apple app store, that lets you look up great educational apps.

An app to help you find apps. You know, if it wasn’t so darn useful I’d have to laugh.

The downside is that the site only categorizes apps that work on Apple products. They do let you know if the app you are interested works on the iPad or the iPhone, or both, but there is no information on whether the app can be found for Android devices or in Amazon’s collection of apps for the Kindle. I happen to know that some of the recommended apps actually are available on Google Play and on the Amazon App Store, but only because I actually already HAVE those apps and I got them through Amazon. We’ve been enthusiastic Kindle Fire owners for several years now.

Another downside is that the apps are only recommended from preschool to about age eight. I have older kids and I was really hoping to see some recommendations for middle school and high school. Hopefully they will add some more age categories as time goes on.


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