I am Trailer Park Grandma aka Judy Arnold. I’m currently homeschooling my two youngest (of six) in my little trailer in rural Pennsylvania.

Some days seem harder than others….:)


We started to homeschool back when my two oldest daughters hit middle school and ran into some real problems with bullying and bad influences. It seems like a drastic solution to a common problem, but trust me it was severe enough that we felt we needed to take drastic action. That was about fifteen years ago.

We really like homeschooling and I think it’s been very beneficial for my kids and for our family in so many ways. I continue to homeschool my younger kids because I want them to have a different educational experience than what is available today in a traditional classroom. I think the best way to learn is whatever way works best for that individual child and that individual family. What works best for us in our family is homeschooling.

Do you homeschool your own kids using only free resources?

It depends! There are a lot of really exciting home education products out there, and I have a whole list of things I would love to get my hands on. We really love buying books. And other stuff!

We do use quite a few free resources in our homeschool, but we also use paid resources too. It does give me that extra measure of security to know that we can homeschool entirely for free if we need to. It also makes my husband happy.

Can I really homeschool using only free resources?

Well, sure, if you want to. It’s not only possible, it’s actually pretty easy. There are a lot of really excellent free resources out there.

Why do people buy stuff if there are so many great free resources?

Most commercial resources that are out there are created with a little extra effort put into making the resources easier to use or understand. Using free resources usually, but not always, means that you must put a little more effort into planning and organizing the material. Some people enjoy that kind of thing. Other people get really stressed out.

Is all of this stuff really free?

All of the resources listed here are in the public domain, offered for free by their creators, or licensed under something like the Creative Commons that makes them legally free to use. If I’m not sure that something is free, I won’t post a link to it.

I got started with this project by trying to organize my list of the more substantial resources for homeschooling. I specifically looked for links to the kind of curriculum I could use for more than a week or two. Picking out worksheets or printables from different sites every day made me crazy.

There is always a catch. What are you selling?

I have experimented with some affiliate links here on my site. Most people are savvy enough to avoid those if they are not interested. I try to keep them to a minimum. You can click on the affiliate links if you are interested. Or not. Please feel free to navigate back to the Amazon main site and make your purchases there if that offends you.

My best homeschooling advice?

Like the fish said, “Just keep swimming!”

It gets easier. Take your time and figure out what works best for you and your family. It may not be what you thought was best when you first got started! Don’t be afraid to ditch what isn’t working and try something new.