Free printable math worksheets for elementary level students at Math Salamander!

Generally speaking, I like to find great new free math curriculum, but I’m always happy to find really solid free math printables also. This particular site, Math Salamanders, has an option to click on math worksheets by grade level, which is useful if you don’t have a math curriculum because you can just go by the topics for that grade level. Math Salamanders is especially useful in this regard because they have some discussion on the grade level pages about what math topics are usually covered in that grade level and a note about what the UK equivalent is to the US grade level of the material.

Math Salamanders also has a nice collection of printable math puzzles and math games. If you are looking for a quick printable to jazz up a slow morning and add some interest to math class you’ll probably find something that interests you here. The math puzzle printables are organized by grade level, and the math games are organized by the type of game. There are games that involve the use of dice, games about money, math logic games, and a few others.

I’m always on the lookout for free printable math word problems because I am of the opinion that you can never have too much practice solving math word problems. Math Salamanders has a collection of free printable pages with math word problems organized by grade level and if you keep scrolling down you will find math word problems organized by topic.

Finally, there are printable math certificates, mental math practice sheets, some tutorial pages that offer help understanding fractions and percents, some nice extra printables like fraction strips and flash cards, and even a new section that has online practice.

I didn’t get paid to write a review of Math Salamanders, just FYI. It’s a free site and I just happened to come across it and thought it might be useful. patrick-brinksma-360527