Free lesson plan collections!

What is a curriculum, after all, but a sequence of lesson plans? Well, sometimes you just want to create your own sequence and pick out lesson plans that appeal to you. It’s a great shortcut to creating your own customized curriculum. You don’t need to create everything from scratch and you aren’t committed to following someone else’s idea of what to teach for a whole school year.

Where do you find collections of lesson plans to pick through? I’m putting together a page of my favorite lesson plan sites. Here is an example of what you can find:

Scholastic  This site is the home of those Scholastic books that you see sold in the schools. They have great lesson plans for grades Prek to 8, most of them based on Scholastic books. You don’t have to buy the books. You can find most of them in your local library. There are lesson plans, unit plans, vocabulary lists, and printable activities to go with everything.

Scholastic has a “Daily Starter” section that has a daily grammar and daily math question organized by grade level along with a fun fact and a “teachable moment”. Might be an interesting way to start off your day. The Daily Starter for grades six to eight has a daily journal prompt and a daily vocabulary word.

There is a calendar section that links Scholastic books related to days on the calendar and links to lesson plans that go along with the chosen book. This is one way to pick out some books to use for holiday unit studies.

If you are looking for some ways to integrate the use of technology into your homeschool there is a section on computer-based activities.

There are discussion guides for Scholastic fiction novels. If you click on “Books and Authors” there is a book wizard to help you choose books for your students, and lists of recommended books.

There is a section called the Word Workshop where you can make cards for a word wall, flashcards, and lists with cute borders and the font of your choice.

Avoid clicking on the “Teachables” section because it is a subscription service unless you really like it.  They do offer a free trial.