Educational Videos

Educational videos for the elementary age student

Watch Learn Know free educational videos
Watch Learn Know offers a catalog of free educational video clips for kids at their own website. The videos can be organized by subject and age level.

Meet Me at the Corner
This website offers virtual field trips and even video book reviews created by kids. New episodes are uploaded every two weeks and past episodes are available to view as well.

Free educational videos for students of all ages

PBS Learning Media
Sign up for a free account with PBS and get access to literally tens of thousands of the best resources on the internet including videos, interactive activities, lesson plans, and more. Materials are organized by grade level and subject.

Educational videos from, a nonprofit entity dedicated to spreading ideas.

NEOK12 offers a selection of educational videos on a variety of topics. All videos are reviewed by K12 teachers for content.

Kids Know It
This is an educational website that offers free educational movies and video podcasts.

TV SchoolhouseRetro educational video collection with material for all subjects and grades K to 12.

Khan Academy
A great collection of educational videos on a variety of topics, most suited more for the older elementary to senior high student.

TV Schoolhouse
Retro educational video collection with material for all subjects and grades K to 12.

Schoolhouse Rock 
Remember Schoolhouse Rock? Find all the music videos here.

Open Ed
World’s largest collection of K12 resources


Youtube, of course

Youtube Education
This is the link to Youtube Edu, which collects the most popular educational videos from across Youtube. It’s generated automatically by Youtube, so it’s not exactly organized, and you never know what you’ll find. If you need a sick day for yourself, curl up on the couch and click around here.

Youtube Education for Primary and Secondary Education
This is pretty much the same thing as above, except without the “Lifelong Learning” and the “University” channels. You can cruise through the whole thing, or look at the separate channels for each subject area.


Some great Youtube channels for the younger student

Harry Kindergarten
Harry Kindergarten is the name of a youtube channel with some (okay, 221) fun educational music videos of interest to the younger student. Video topics include music videos about counting, colors, days of the week, and more.

Preschool Prep Company
Preschool Prep Company has seventeen phonics music videos on youtube for your preschooler to enjoy.

Little Story Bug
Little Story Bug offers 254 children’s videos on youtube, ranging from read-aloud stories to holiday songs, activities, and crafts.

The Learning Station
The Learning Station is another youtube video producer with 103 music videos for children.

More great Youtube channels to check out

Have Fun Teaching
My son loves the letter songs. Every time he mixes up the short vowel sound of ‘i’ or ‘e’, we play the letter song for ‘i’ or ‘e’ and dance around the living room like maniacs. It’s great fun! This channel also has counting songs for skip counting and songs for sight words. You will also find some early science songs for things like weather, planets, and more.

Free School
Aimed at elementary students, there are science and art history videos, some history, social studies, poetry and music videos. A nice eclectic mix.

Socratica Kids
Educational videos for younger elementary age kids.

Kids Educ
A nice mix of educational videos for younger elementary kids on a variety of topics. Worth rummaging around to see what you might want to use.

PBS Kids
The official PBS Kids Youtube Channel. From the channel “Hundreds of videos from your favorite shows including Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood, Wild Kratts, Odd Squad, Peg + Cat, and much more! New videos every week!”

Channels with a mix of subjects mostly of interest to middle and high school level kids

Videos on high school level science, higher math, grammar, philosophy, and more.

Crazy Russian Hacker
Just what it says. Some crazy Russian guy makes lots and lots of very entertaining videos experimenting with new uses for household objects. It’s not actually educational, but it’s very popular with the high school age crowd.

Crash Course
An amazing high school level resource with video lessons organized on playlists by subject. The videos are fast-paced and very entertaining. My kids loved the history series, and they now blame the Mongols for pretty much everything that goes wrong. Subjects include computer science, mythology, physics, philosophy, literature, economics, government, astronomy, anatomy, world history, US history, psychology, biology, chemistry, and more.


PBS Nova
Do you miss those PBS Nova science and history documentaries? This is the channel for you.

Crash Course Kids
A Crash Course channel for younger students. This channel has science videos.

A collection of full length nature documentaries from various sources.

This is my son’s favorite science channel. The videos are short and entertaining, on topics you know you’ve always wondered about.

SciShow Kids
A SciShow channel just for elementary age kids.

It’s Okay to be Smart
Lots and lots of science videos that are entertaining as well as educational. Why limit screen time when your kids are watching stuff like this?

Social Studies

CGP Grey
An eclectic mix of mostly social studies videos. High school level content.

Hip Hughes History
Current events, US history, US government, world history, US Supreme Court cases, the Constitution, the Federalist Papers, and all kinds of related topics in social studies explained.

Mr. Beat’s Social Studies Channel
History and songs. There are songs for most of the US Presidents. I don’t know why.

Mark Kistler
Free drawing lessons

Art for Kids Hub
Drawing lessons, art projects, holiday art projects, clay, painting, and more.

Mary Doodles
Sketching, watercolors, ink, and more.

The Art Geek
Doodling, mandalas, zentangles, and more

Artful Parent
Art projects for kids


Calico Spanish
Entertaining and enjoyable songs and lessons from the Calico Spanish curriculum. My kids really enjoy these songs. The music, the singer, and the cartoon videos have been a big hit in my house.