Free Foreign Language Courses

There are some language learning sites, like Mango and Pronunciator, that you must pay to use as an individual but you may find that they are free to patrons of the public libraries that have subscribed. If you haven’t yet done so, check out your local public libraries’ website and see if you are lucky enough to have something like this available to you.

If your local public library doesn’t offer it, check out the libraries in the largest cities in your state. Sometimes those libraries will offer a free membership to anyone who lives in the state, and sometimes you may find that they have a subscription to a language learning website.

I live in Pennsylvania, and I’m doubly lucky. My local library has a subscription to Pronunciator, and I also have a library card for the Philadelphia Free Library which has subscriptions to Mango Languages and some other things.

Don’t forget to look for free Kindle books or free Google Play books in the language of your choice. We have a subscription to Kindle Unlimited and they usually have a lot of books in Spanish and other languages. My kids like to read the easy children’s books in Spanish for practice. There are also lots of free videos on Youtube!

Sites that offer instruction in more than one language

Duolingo. This is one of the homeschool communities most favorite language learning websites. They offer multiple languages for free, and homeschool kids really like using their phone and tablet app for practice.

One Minute Languages 
A collection of links to one-minute language courses from Radio Lingua

BBC Languages. There is a notice that says this site is no longer maintained, but it has a lot of great language resources in several languages. Worth checking out, especially as it has resources for younger students.

Annenberg Learner There are lessons for French and Spanish, and the site says Arabic is coming.

Know It All: Offers some video language lesson in French, German, and Spanish.


Online Free Spanish. This is a fun site for kids. It has activities, games, and coloring pages. It also has some annoying ads, just FYI!

Spanish Pod 101. This site has a lot of great videos, lesson notes, flash cards and more. Not everything is free, however. You can use the lesson material for free, but with a subscription, you get some extra bells and whistles.

Salsa: This is a fun Spanish immersion program for children. Familiar fairy tales are presented in Spanish. There are 42 videos. There are also some games and activities. Designed for children ages kindergarten to third grade.  My kids really enjoy this program.

Soft Schools Spanish Learning Games: There are games from basic Spanish to more complicated themes. There are worksheets, flashcards, and more.

Spanish Unlimited: Free online Spanish lessons. Includes video lesson, jokes, recipes, and more.

Spanish I
A complete open source college level course.

Spanish II
A complete course with downloadable material, assignments, and more.

The Spanish Experiment
This is part of a site that sells Spanish lessons, but they have some free, basic content including lessons and stories.

Georgia Virtual Learning Spanish
Georgia Virtual Learning has an open source online Spanish course with downloadable worksheets, audio files, and more. If you look on the bottom left of the screen you will see they also have an AP Spanish course.

Practical Spanish
This site has beginner, intermediate, and advanced Spanish lessons, with audio files, ebooks, videos and podcasts.

Vintage Spanish Resources

Reading, Writing, and Speaking Spanish by Margaret Dowling. This is a really great vintage Spanish textbook that I found on Google Play for free. Lesson one starts in chapter two and is broken down into small chunks of vocabulary that are immediately useful and interesting.

Elementary Spanish Grammar with Practical Exercises for Reading, Conversation, and Composition by Aurelio Espinosa. This is a vintage Spanish grammar book.

Easy Spanish Reader by Joel Hatheway and Eduardo Berge-Soler. This is a vintage Spanish reader designed for beginners. It starts off with some fairly easy stories about children in school.

Easy Spanish for Beginners by Margaret Dowling. This is another vintage Spanish reader for beginners. This one starts off with numbers and useful phrases.

Spanish Tales for Beginners by Elijah Hills. The stories in this vintage Spanish reader are more suitable for a very advanced beginner.


The Interactive Course for Easy-to-Learn Italian : Free twenty lessons

Speak Italian with your mouth full
Interesting complete introductory Italian course.


University of Texas French Program: A free French textbook and grammar. Click on the ‘Teacher’ link for more resources.

Elementary French I
A complete open source course.

Elementary French II
A complete interactive open source course

Georgia Virtual French 1 and 2, and AP French
These high school level courses are open source from Georgia Virtual Learning and are the actual courses that Georgia Virtual uses. You can use their content for free. This link is to the French 1 course, but you can see the other links further down the page on the left.


Learn German. A great site with lessons, video, and more. Looks like they have something for all ages.

Actilingua Learn German. This site has courses in German for beginners and more advanced students.

German III
A complete open source college level course.

Georgia Virtual Learning German 1, 2, and 3
These online courses are offered by Georgia Virtual Learning and include audio files, worksheets, and more. They are actual high school language courses offered by Georgia Virtual, but the material is licensed as open source so it’s free to use on your own. This link is to the German 1 course, but look down the page on the left to see the links to the other courses.

Homeschool Den
This is a homeschool blog site that has free printable German worksheets for kids made by a homeschool mom. She also has links to some other great German language resources for kids. If you have a child interested in learning German I would suggest that you check this site out.

Carl’s Corner
This site has free beginning German readers for kids. Very cute and sweet, ideal for beginning students.

Basic German Grammar and Workbook
A free downloadable workbook in pdf format


Don Potter’s Latin Page: This is a page with a lot of resources including vintage textbooks, for learning and practicing Latin.

Textkit Greek and Latin page: Lists and links to vintage Greek and Latin textbooks with readers and answer keys.

Georgia Virtual Latin 1 and 2, and AP Latin
These are free open source online language courses offered by Georgia Virtual. They include the content, audio files, worksheets, games, and more. This link goes to the Latin 1 course, but you can look down the page to the left to see the links to the other Latin courses.

Biblical Greek

Don Potter’s Biblical Greek: A page with links to a variety of vintage Greek textbooks and recommendations.

Textkit Greek and Latin page: Lists and links to vintage Greek and Latin textbooks with readers and answer keys.


American Sign Language University: An older site with resources for learning American Sign Language.


Advanced Japanese II: From the site “Extension of advanced grammar and further enhancement of advanced vocabulary. Variety of cultural elements studied through readings, video, and discussion. Lab work required. This course covers Lessons 27 through 30 of Japanese: The Spoken Language by Eleanor H. Jordan with Mari Noda. The goal of the course is to continue expanding grammar and vocabulary by further developing four skills: speaking, listening, reading, and writing. ” You may have to purchase the textbook.

Georgia Virtual Learning Japanese 1 and 2
These courses are open source online complete language courses with audio files, worksheets, and more. This link is to the page for Japanese 1, but if you look down the page on the left you will see the link for Japanese 2.


Chinese I
A complete course. From the site: “The focus of the course is on learning standard everyday usage, on reading in both full and simplified characters, and on writing.”

Georgia Virtual Learning Chinese 1 to 4 
These courses are open source online classes offered by Georgia Virtual Learning. This link takes you to the home page of the first course. If you scroll down the page to the left you will see links to the other Chinese courses. These courses are complete and have worksheets, audio files, games, and more.


Russian for free
Looks like you can at least learn the basics of Russian for free here. I’m not familiar at all with Russian so it’s a bit hard to evaluate the site properly. They offer videos, audio lessons, and lots of interesting goodies like Russian music videos and Russian comics and cartoons. Definitely worth a look.

General Free Online Sites that Sometimes Feature Language Courses

Saylor Academy 
This organization offers free, complete college-level courses with assignments, readings from open source (free) textbooks and exams. Cruise the website and check out the selection of course offerings that are suitable for motivated high school students.

High School Studies
Homeschool College USA offers a free complete high school curriculum that includes complete courses with lesson plans, assignments, and open source (free) textbooks. Check out this website to find courses for high school level students.