Free Music Lessons and Music Appreciation

Music Appreciation

johanna-vogt-242305Noisy Learning: Loud but Fun Music Education Activities by Catherine Schmidt-Jones and found on the Connexions website. This looks like an amazing and immensely entertaining course for elementary age children.

Music Travels for Children by Catherine Schmidt-Jones. This course is intended for elementary age students and introduces fun and interesting types of music from various cultures around the world. Found on the Connexions website.

Great Composers 
A collection of resources from the Kennedy Center in a variety of formats and genres.

Musical Mysteries
From the BBC, an elementary children’s music site. The site is no longer maintained, according to the notice, but it’s cute and younger kids might like it. The mysteries “helps pupils to explore basic musical concepts in sound, rhythm, and mood” and there is a teacher’s guide too.

Classics for Kids
This website introduces kids to classical music. There is a weekly podcast with activity sheets, and there is also a link to lesson plans.

Khan Academy Music courses
Khan Academy has video lessons on music basics, instruments, and famous musicians.

Go Classical for Kids
A creative resource to introduce classical music to children. Kids learn about opera, symphonic music, chamber music, and more.

Classic Cat
This site has 6000 free classical music performances sorted by composer.

Listening Adventures at Carnegie Hall 
There is a game called “The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra” that kids can play at this link.

Music Talks with Children by Thomas Tapper
This is a vintage text available for free from Google Play Books.

Operas that Every Child Should Know by Mary Bacon
This is a vintage text available for free from Google Play Books.


Music Theory

The Basic Elements of Music by Catherine Schmidt-Jones.
This course is found on Connexions. From the website: ” Explanations (suitable for any age) of the basic elements of music, with suggested activities for introducing the each concept to children at early elementary school level. The course may be used by instructors not trained in music; all necessary definitions and explanations are included.”

Music Tech Teacher
This site includes basic music lessons. From the website “This site is an extension of the music technology and band classroom at Green Acres Middle School in Birmingham, AL. I have been teaching Instrumental Music since 1992. My students are learning to read, write, compose, publish and perform their music. Student work, videos, photos and music compositions are posted on this site. The site is also used to provide music technology links, quizzes, resources and information to all music teachers interested in using technology to enhance music instruction. I hope that the site will serve as a valuable resource for teachers and students. Thank you for visiting my site! Ms. Karen Garrett, Music Tech Teacher”

DSO Kids
Activities, resources, lesson plans and more for kids from the Dallas Symphony Orchestra, There are videos of the orchestra, listen and learn instruments, make your own instrument activity, a virtual tour, and more.

Interactive Music Games
A site that collects links to games and activities. There are links to games about composing, music fun, and virtual instruments.

Making Music Fun
A nice site for elementary level students with free music lessons, music theory, printable worksheets, downloadable sheet music, and games. It has a lot of ads, so be warned, and it also tries to get you to sign up for a subscription.

My Music Theory
Free online music theory lessons for grades one to eight. This is a very serious music theory course that progresses year by year, so if your child is a beginner you may want to start with grade one instead of his grade level. There are exercises, worksheets, quizzes, and tests. This is a great course for families that are interested in teaching music theory as part of a classical homeschool curriculum.

Basic Music Theory by Catherine Schmidt-Jones
A college level resource for the serious high school student. Download the textbook for free.

Reading Music: Common Notation by Catherine Schmidt-Jones

Reading Rhythm: A Learning-by-Doing Course by Catherine Schmidt-Jones

Introduction to Music Composition
Complete course from MIT. From the site; “Through a progressive series of composition projects, students investigate the sonic organization of musical works and performances, focusing on fundamental questions of unity and variety.”

Free Music Fundamentals Workbooks
Download the free workbooks. These are great for learning music theory and learning to play the piano. There are also online flashcards that go along with the workbooks.

8 Notes
Free online music theory lessons and various other things

5Js Interactive Music Theory Drills
Lots of cool stuff to check out.



Understanding Your French Horn by Catherine Schmidt-Jones


Music Theory for Guitar by Catherine Schmidt-Jones

Beginning Guitar by Catherine Schmidt-Jones

Free Guitar Lessons
Hundreds of free guitar lesson videos. There is also paid content on this site.

Justin Guitar
This site says it has 1000 free guitar lessons. There are lessons for beginners, and there are lessons for intermediate players in a variety of genres. This is easily the largest and most complete site for guitar lessons that I’ve found.

Guitar lessons by Aaron Schulman
These lessons are on the Garden of Praise site. The lessons are written, not video, and the explanations and pictures are very good and start at the absolute beginner level.


Zebra Keys
Over fifty free piano lessons, free sheet music, and free ear trainers.

Go Piano
Free online piano lessons

Hoffman Academy
My kids learned to play piano with these free video lessons. The site has gotten a lot fancier since then and has a lot more content. The video lessons are still all free, but there is a subscription option if you want to be able to track your child’s progress and that sort of thing. Personally, I’d say it’s totally worth a look and no, I am not an affiliate!

Free Piano Music
Free piano music for beginner and intermediate pianists.

Garden of Praise Free Keyboard Lesson and Free Music
Some written beginner piano lessons from Garden of Praise. The explanations are clear and easy to understand.

Free Music Fundamentals Workbooks
Download the free workbooks. These are great for learning music theory and learning to play the piano. There are also online flashcards that go along with the workbooks.

Music Theory 
Free online animated lessons, offline lessons, exercises, and tools. Click on each line in the online lesson and see an animation that illustrates the concept.


Online Drummer
Over 500 free drum lessons

Free Drum Lessons
A free video based getting started series. There is paid content on this site that you are invited to purchase after you complete the free course.