Free Open College Courses

The links here take you to specific sites and colleges that list free online open college courses. The courses are open to anyone. Some include videos, quizzes, projects, and more. I’ve used these courses for middle school and high school level work for my own kids.

For those considering college after high school, there is even a tuition-free online university that is accredited in the United States called University of the People. There is an admission fee, and you would have to pay a fee to take the exams (and find an acceptable proctor) but the courses themselves are run by real live professors and are offered for free. You must be a high school graduate to enroll. If you are looking for some way to get a college degree at a very affordable price, an undergraduate degree from this school would cost under $5K total. I have personally taken some courses from this school and can vouch for the quality.
Free online courses in a wide variety of topics from top colleges and universities. Click on the link to check out what’s available. Most courses are suitable for high school students and some are okay for really motivated middle school students.
OER Commons
You will be asked to register, but don’t let that stop you. This site is all about sharing open educational resources on just about every subject you can imagine.
A collection of open source college-level courses and materials in various disciplines suitable for the motivated high school student. Check out their open source textbooks on biology and anatomy and physiology.
Tufts University Open Courses
Free courses from Tufts University
UC San Diego Podcasts of Courses
These change regularly so check the website for the current selection
Open Yale 
Open Yale University courses on a variety of topics.
EdX is one of those sites that posts free online courses from established colleges and universities. They offer a ‘certificate’ for a small fee, which is supposed to prove you took the course or you can take the course for free. Some courses may require that you purchase a textbook. Unlike some courses that consist of recorded lectures, the instructors for these courses are actively involved in each course, respond to questions, and there is a specified start and end time for each course. One of the best features of these courses is the opportunity to interact with other students also taking the course. Check out the high school section for AP review courses in a variety of subjects.
Carnegie Mellon Open Learning Initiative
Find free college-level courses for your high school student in various subjects. No credit is awarded by Carnegie Mellon but you get access to the course content.
Utah State Open Courses
Free open courses from Utah
The Open University
Free online open courses
University of Washington
Free online open courses
Notre Dame Open Courseware
Free online open courses
Boston College Front Row
More free open courses
Purdue Online Writing Lab
Check out this collection of free resources including APA and MLA styles guides
MIT Opencourseware
Free open courses in the humanities from MIT
Academic Earth
A collection of free open source courses on a variety of subjects
Writing and Speaking Guidelines for Engineering and Science
Just what the title says, a free course in writing and speaking for scientist