Free Printables for Multiple Subjects

Here you will find a number of websites that offer a free printables of a wide variety of types in a wide range of topics. Great printables sites tend to be hard to categorize well, so you may want to spend some time rummaging around here.

Remember, you can check out the individual subject pages for sites that offer printables specific to that subject.

Printables include worksheets, coloring pages, printable games, calendars, charts, planners, play dough mats, and more. Finding great printables, especially for the elementary and younger set, can make your homeschool experience much easier!

Printables sites that have stuff mostly for younger kids

Sparkle Box
Sparkle Box is a primary school site in the United Kingdom that offers free colorful printables. These printables are suitable for preschool, kindergarten, and elementary level students in a variety of topics like science, social studies, phonics, and math. Available science printables include Plants, Weather, Living Things, Habitats, and more. Social Studies printables include Earth day, Community Helpers, Occupations, and more.They even have printables like paper dolls to go with fairytale stories and foreign language mini posters.

Phonics and math printables include worksheets, phonics activity booklets, bingo games, letter formation worksheets, playdough mats, activities, and games to supplement any phonics program.

They also have printable certificates, planners, and calendars and weather charts. They have special needs printables like visual timetables, behavior printables, and different types of communication printables.

Overall, this is primarily a great site for kids in preschool to about grade three, I’d say.

Homeschool Share
I have to put Homeschool Share in both the younger kids section and the older kids section because they have cool stuff for both age groups and I really don’t want you to miss this site. They have free printable unit studies, lapbooks, and notebooking pages. Some are literature based on some are science-based, like the botany lapbook for elementary level kids. They also have a huge variety of lapbook templates to make your own lapbooks!

Confessions of a Homeschooler
Confessions of a Homeschooler is a blog written by a homeschooling mom of four who seems to enjoy creating lovely printables for preschool, kindergarten, and early elementary age students. Under “abc&123”  you can find beautiful preschool printables including games, worksheets, coloring pages, scissor practice pages, puzzles, and more.
Click on kindergarten printables and find handwriting worksheets, phonics, and math worksheets to supplement your kindergarten program.  Be careful, there is a mix of free and paid material available on this site (although with the quality of the work and the comparatively low price, you really can’t go wrong here).
This entire collection is a work in progress and it would be a great idea to check back in and see what new resources are added as time goes on.

First School
Primarily a preschool site, this is one of the first sites I found when I began homeschooling my younger children. You can find all kinds of preschool printables to download including handwriting sheets, activities, numbers, shapes, colors, and alphabet printables.

Everything Preschool
This site is a great find. There are even more themes and teaching ideas here than you could ever use. From the website: “At Everything Preschool our philosophy revolves around the concept that Children learn through Doing. Our site contains Over 30,000 Preschool Education Activities Separated into over 100 Themes, 26 Alphabet Areas, & Lesson Plans. Whether you are a parent or teacher we encourage you to adapt these activities to your specific challenges and challenge you to never Stop Learning. ”

School Sparks
This site has free downloadable worksheets on various topics for the kindergarten or preschool level student. You’ll find alphabet printables. phonics, early numeracy, and that sort of thing.

Homeschool Creations
Homeschool Creations is another interesting site created by a homeschooling mom that is high on my list. The site has a ton of great printables including playdough mats, alphabet and number cards and activities, and more.

Printables sites that have stuff for elementary level kids

Homeschool Share
I have to put Homeschool Share in both the younger kids section and the older kids section because they have cool stuff for both age groups and I really don’t want you to miss this site. They have free printable unit studies, lapbooks, and notebooking pages. Some are literature based on some are science-based, like the botany lapbook for elementary level kids. They also have a huge variety of lapbook templates to make your own lapbooks!

Notebooking Pages
This is a subscription site that makes you register, and gives you access to quite a substantial number of free notebooking pages in return. I don’t like the fact that you have to sign up, but you do get a lot in return. Of course they want you to like their notebooking pages so you will sign up for their “Lifetime Membership” which is about a hundred bucks but gives you access to literally thousands of these pages, which I suppose is a bargain if you have kids who really like learning this way. I guess it isn’t too hard to make your own, if you want to put the time into it. You can check out the free samples and get ideas if you want to go that route, otherwise the free samples are a really great deal. The Famous Scientists pack alone is worth the hassle of signing up, and the download of free stuff had 676 pages in it.

Homeschool Helper Online
This is one of the best free homeschool printable sites I’ve yet found. Most of the content seems appropriate for around grades two to four, though there are things for preschool as well as upper elementary level kids. Please check out this site if you are looking for printables on any subject. The site is organized by type of printable or by subject.

This site has free notebooking pages in all subjects, including pages for upper elementary level kids and even middle school. There are free lapbooks for different subjects, and even lapbooks for preschool age students. There are free unit studies, including quite a few literature based ones. There is an eclectic collection of worksheets. There is copywork you can print, including character-based copywork. There are record keeping forms too.

The Notebooking Fairy
A nice site with a good amount of free printable notebooking pages.
The creator also talks about creating and using notebooking pages to supplement your curriculum.

Easy Fun School
This site has lots of unit studies and free printables for elementary and middle school level kids in a variety of subjects. The quality is very uneven. I was excited to see math unit studies, but none of the material listed made the grade as far as I’m concerned. The home ec unit studies section has a lot of recipes but no real home ec content. The history content was a lot better and worth a lot. Check it out and see what you think.

Oklahoma Homeschool Unit Studies
Some good unit studies to check out, most are free but she does seem to be charging for others.

DIY Homeschooler
More unit studies, organized by subject. This is more a collection of resources grouped by individual topic, allowing you to decide which resources you want to pencil in for your own unit study of the topic.

Student Handouts
Student Handouts is a place to find a whole lot of useful printables for preschool through grade eight in a variety of subjects. You’ll find printable flashcards, worksheets, writing prompts, printable games, powerpoint presentations and even ebooks.  The history section is nicely organized by time period and has a lot of nice resources listed. This site is clearly under construction and I think the creators plan on adding more content.

Worksheet Works
This website is the beta phase of its development, meaning that it may change to a paid site at any moment. Until then, well, you can find worksheets here. Lots of worksheets. Math worksheets available on the site include fractions, decimals, and percents as well as beginning math, making this a great website to find worksheets for the older elementary age student. You can also find language arts worksheets, geography, graphic organizers, and handwriting worksheets. There is even an option to create a customized planner or calendar.

ABC Teach
Although this is primarily a paid subscription site, there is enough free content to justify a mention. You can find printables in a number of subjects for preschool up through upper elementary ages. There are book report forms, flashcards, handwriting practice, phonics booklets, word wheels, theme units, and more. There is a middle school section that has math worksheets, graphic organizers, writing and literature worksheets, report forms and more.

TLS Books
TLS Books has free printable worksheets for kindergarten through grade six, in all subjects.

Kids Know It Network
The Kids Know It Network is dedicated to providing excellent educational materials to children for free. You can find a wide selection of worksheets (over 4000) aligned with skills in the Common Core. As a bonus, the math worksheets for grades 1-7 are meant to be used in sequential order to provide a complete math education for those grades. As a bonus there is a great selection of history and science worksheets! The worksheets aren’t organized very well though they have some really good ones, so plan on doing some digging around.

Busy Teacher
Free printable worksheets, lesson plans, activities, and more.