Free Twentieth Century History

Sometimes it can be hard to find resources to teach the history of the Twentieth Century. I’m always looking out for more materials.


General Twentieth Century History 
Digital History. Extensive American history site with comprehensive coverage of the events of the twentieth century.
The History of the Twentieth Century: This is a podcast about the history of the twentieth century.
Modern History
Check out Modern History from the Great Courses.
American History 
American History lectures from the Great Courses
Legends of America: Twentieth Century History.
Khan Academy World History: The Twentieth Century Videos, with printable transcripts.
Eyewitness to History: The Twentieth Century.
Timeline of History. A very interesting timeline
A Short History of the Twentieth Century. This is a ten minute Youtube video.
Why Was the 20th Century Important? History, Events, Literature, Economists (1998). This is a Youtube video with a running time of approximately one hour.


World War I
BBC World War One: For Schools. This is a BBC school website with a variety of resources about WW1.
KidsKonnect World War One Worksheets and Facts: A fairly extensive collection of worksheets, study guides, quizzes and more. This is a paid site, but there is a free membership option that you can use to download up to one hundred sheets.
National History Day: Teaching World War One. This is a site for teachers of middle and high school students. There are over a dozen lesson modules, and the site also has teaching guides and more.
NEA: World War One. The National Education Association offers a page full of links to content related to WWI including lessons, lesson plans, lesson plan collections, and more.
National Geographic Kids: First World War. A brief overview suitable for upper elementary level students. No gory details.
Duckster’s WWI: A favorite history site for upper elementary and middle school students with some good information.
EdTechTeacher Best of History Websites: WWI. Collection of links, lesson plans, and more. Mostly high school level stuff.
Mrs. Warner’s Fourth Grade Classroom: World War One. A nice resource for elementary age students. ​


The Great Depression
Duckster’s The Great Depression. Good information for upper elementary and middle school level students.
The Great Depression from
Great Depression Facts for Kids
The Great Depression :  A downloadable 218 page pdf file of a high school curriculum on the Great Depression.


World War II
The National WWII Museum Resources for students and teachers, including lesson plans
BBC Primary History WWII: Suitable for elementary level students.
EdTechTeacher WWII General Resources A list of sites with a variety of good WWII resources for students and teachers.
Mrs. Warner’s Fourth Grade Classroom WWII. Mrs. Warner’s excellent website has information suitable for elementary level students.


The Cold War

The Cold War for Kids Lots of interesting information here on this website that seems to be a good fit for middle school level students. There are also lesson plans for high school students and a section on the Korean War.


The War on Terror

War on Terror: This site has definitions and a timeline of events. It’s aimed at kids, so it’s not graphic, but it does include brief facts and links to other sites.

Duckster’s War in Afghanistan: This is a history site for middle school and high school students. There is a short quiz.