Geography through Fairy Tales

It’s easy to find fairy tales from all over the world. My youngest daughter spent one year of literature reading only fairy tales. It was a wonderful year! Another idea may be to supplement your study of a particular geographic area by reading the fairy tales of that land.

Please remember to first read over any fairy tale you plan to read aloud to your children. These authors have a habit of mixing up the one to two-page stories with the twenty or thirty-page stories so you might want to have an idea ahead of time how long a particular story is before you get into it. Another concern is that these collectors and authors had different ideas of what kind of material is appropriate for children and they tend to include not only the light and pleasant stories but also the gruesome, violent, and horrifying stories as well. You know your child best and you know what material is most appropriate for your child. Please pre-read.

Fairy Tales from Around the World