Business and Economics

Foundation for Teaching Economics
Free lesson plans, appropriate for high school students.

The Mises Institute
Dedicated to Austrian Economic Theory. The predominant economic theory in the US is based on the works of John Maynard Keynes. This site offers an alternative viewpoint. Suitable for high school students.

The United States Mint
Free resources and lesson plans for educators from the United States Mint. Lessons tend to be about the United States Government, not just the Mint.

Rich Kid Smart Kid
Four online games to teach kids how to manage their money wisely.

Plan, Save, Succeed 
From the ‘Expect the Unexpected with Math’ series by the Actuarial Association for grades six to eight.

Math and Financial Literacy
A set of lessons in economics and financial literacy for various grade levels from K to 12, from Texas.

Building Your Future
From the ‘Expect the Unexpected with Math’ series by the Actuarial Association for grades nine to twelve. Comprehensive curriculum consisting of four downloadable student books and teacher’s guides.

NEOK12: Banking
A collection of videos on banking, suitable for middle school and up. Includes an excellent series of videos on the Federal Reserve,

NEOK12: Economics
A series of videos on economics.

My Own Business
A free course on how to start your own business

Nonprofit Micro MBA
A free comprehensive course on how to start and run your nonprofit company

Small Business Development Center
Free courses on topics related to starting and running a small business

Small Business Administration Learning Center
More free courses and information on starting and running a  small business

Khan Academy
Basic video lessons on economics, and finance

Saylor Academy 
This organization offers free, complete college level courses with assignments, readings from open source (free) textbooks and exams. Cruise the website and check out the selection of course offerings that are suitable for motivated high school students. Courses include a slew of business, economics, and accounting courses.

High School Studies
Homeschool College USA offers a free complete high school curriculum that includes complete courses with lesson plans, assignments, and open source (free) textbooks. Check out this website to find courses for high school level students. Courses include US History I and II, Western Civ I and II, and Geography.

Business and Economics Lectures
Video lectures on business and economics from The Great Courses

Scout at University of California
Take high school courses from the University of California, including AP courses. You have to register and the courses run on a schedule. They aren’t totally free, there is a $19 registration fee.

Free investment tutorials

Crash Course
35 High school level video lessons on economics