Free Art and Art History Resources


Generally, art is taught once a week. This means that with the basic 36 week year you would need to schedule 36 art lessons if you combine arts education. If you choose to schedule separate art and music lessons you will need to schedule 36 of each. Remember that you can ‘mix it up’ and schedule art lessons one week and art history the next. 

Art Lessons

Incredible Art Department
Lessons for kids from pre-k to grade 12

Crayola Art Lessonplans
Lesson plans from Crayola for grades pre-k to 12

Dick Blick Art Lesson Plans
A huge collection of art lesson plans for all grades. “Geared for a wide variety of age and skill levels, we offer hundreds of Lesson Plans designed to meet the National Standards for Visual Art Education and bring the value of creativity to any teaching experience.”

Mrs. Brown’s Art
Mrs. Brown of Hemenway Elementary School in Framingham, Mass. has posted her art classes online. She begins with kindergarten, but I think your preschooler will enjoy these lovely lessons. Mrs. Brown has lessons for kindergarten to grade five.

Making Art Fun
Lots of lessons, including drawing, cartooning, watercolor, and more.

Art Tango
Art lessons for kids from kindergarten to grade five. 

Kinder Art
Don’t let the name fool you, this site has art lessons for toddlers to high school students.

Free Online Art Classes with Lois DeWitt
Just what the site says, free online art classes. This artist has listed free online video classes for basic drawing, painting, printmaking, mixed media, watercolor, and more.

Deep Space Sparkle
Art lessons for kids organized by grade from PreK to grade six.

DIY for Art is a website where kids can earn patches in different skill areas by completing a set of well thought-out and planned “challenges”. There is a set of patches for art that includes a slew of topics including Animator, Cartoonist, Painter, Photographer, Potter, and lots more.

Art Games

Interactive Art Games
This website has a collection of links to games related to art.


Crafty Crow
A collection of craft ideas for kids.

The Toymaker
A website dedicated to toys you can make yourself from folded paper.


The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume One by De Resco Leo AugsburgFirst grade. 
The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume Two by De Resco Leo Augsburg. Second grade.
The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume Three by De Resco Leo Augsburg.  Third grade. 
The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume Four by De Resco Leo Augsburg. Fourth grade.
The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume Five by De Resco Leo Augsburg. Fifth grade. 
The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume Six by De Resco Leo Augsburg. Intended for use in the sixth grade. 
The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume Seven by De Resco Leo Augsburg. Seventh grade.
The New Augsburg’s Drawing Volume Eight by De Resco Leo Augsburg. For use in the eighth grade. 

Text Books of Art Education by Hugo B. Froehlich and Bonnie E. Snow
The year corresponds with the intended grade. 

Volume first year
Volume second year
Volume third year
Volume fourth year
Volume fifth year
Volume sixth year

Volume seventh year
Teacher’s manual

Instructables Photography Class for Kids
Ten lessons
Art History

Art UK
Sponsered by the Art Council of England, you get access to lots of art and information on artists. Art UK’s mission is to open up public collections for enjoyment, learning and research, according to the website.

Timeline of Art History 
From the Met, this site organizes art by time period, geographical region, and theme.

Concordia University Chicago Art Lessons
Art history lessons by grade level from grade one to grade eight.

An encyclopedia of art. You can search by artist, title of the artwork, or by museum. 

Khan Academy Art History
Video-based art history course from Khan Academy

Garden of Praise Art Appreciation for Kids
48 short and engaging art appreciation lessons for kids.

National Gallery of Art Kid’s Zone
This site introduces kids to art and art history with interactive activities.

Concordia University Art Lessons
Art history lessons on famous artists for grades one to eight. 

Smithsonian American Art Museum
The Smithsonian American Art Museum has dozens of open source art resources available to the public that are appropriate for various grade levels. Browse the teacher’s guides and prepare to be amazed.

Arts Edge at the Kennedy Center
Arts Edge is a free digital resource for arts education offered by the John F. Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts. There are searchable lesson plans that are organized by grade level and topic. Topics include dance, music, theater, visual arts, and more with teacher’s guides and printables as well as complete instructions.

Pictures Every Child Should Know by Mary Bacon
This is a vintage book of art history for children. There are stories about the artists that are written for children to enjoy, but you would probably prefer to look up the artist’s works online as the pictures in the book are not in color.