Free Complete Curricula

florian-zeh-577I can’t say I’ve ever been completely happy with a completely designed and laid out curriculum. I’ve always had to tweak things here and there to get it to fit just right, and sometimes I’ve ended up tweaking the whole thing completely out of existence. However, complete curriculum programs are a great way to get started with homeschooling, or a great way for a busy parent who has time to tweak but not enough free time to pull things together from scratch.

Don’t forget, you aren’t obligated to use the entire curriculum. You can use the parts of it that work for you and your family.

I have listed here links to free complete curriculum programs that are currently available to you on other sites. I just list the links and describe the programs. You get to look them over and decide if you like them.

I also have been pulling together my own favorite free homeschool resources into a complete course of study and you can look over those programs as well. I have a traditional free homeschool program called the Hemlock Park School curriculum that is completely free and uses only vintage textbooks and is planned for kindergarten to grade eight. I also have a couple of more contemporary homeschool programs as well.

Don’t forget you don’t have to commit to one program. You can mix and match to find the best fit for your family. To this end I have added links to very good free homeschool resources in each subject, both contemporary resources and traditional resources. Please feel free to look over those and see what you think.

Free Complete Curriculum

Georgia Virtual Learning
Georgia Virtual Learning is the website of the Georgia Department of Education. Interestingly, a number of their educational resources are available to the public under the Open Educational Resources license. Specifically, you have access to middle school and high school courses in language arts, math, science, and social studies. There are language courses in Chinese, Spanish, Latin, French, and German. There are also a LOT of electives including financial literacy and computer science. There are even some fine arts courses. If you are homeschooling a teen this is a site you will probably want to check out.

Hemlock Park Traditional Homeschool 
This is a complete homeschool program for kindergarten to grade eight designed around the use of vintage school textbooks. Currently the book selections for each grade with downloadable links are listed but in the works are complete day by day plans for each grade level.

Discovery K12
Discovery K12 is a complete free curriculum site offering courses for kids from kindergarten to grade twelve. You can sign up for free to check it all out. This website includes attendance tracking, courses using free online resources, an online library, a research center and complete daily assignments.

Do you feel you need the structure of a cyber charter school but not the hassle? Would you like a computer-based complete curriculum with grade tracking and daily assignments but can’t afford to pay for something like K12? This is the website for you.

Oh, and don’t feel you are stuck with one grade level. You can skip around in the curriculum to customize it for your student. You can also use this for just one or more subjects instead of as a complete curriculum. This is also a completely secular curriculum, which can be hard to find.

I really like MobyMax. It’s one of my absolute favorites for homeschooling my own kids. We use it all the time. It’s especially great for those times when you have to work individually with one student but you want to make sure that your other student or students are doing something productive while you are busy.

Mobymax is free (with a paid version that includes worksheets and a few other things available). It offers phonics, math, language arts, writing, social studies, and science up to grade eight. They also have free diagnostic tests so you can get an idea of where your child is at in terms of grade level. Last year I made a contest for my kids that if they got a certain grade level in different subjects that I would take them to a waterpark as a prize. Guess what? It worked. They love MobyMax and worked like crazy to make sure they passed that grade level by the deadline!

Check it out and see what you think. This is an online curriculum so you do need an internet connection to use it, and it also offers an app so your child can access it on a tablet. In fact, that’s how we actually use it in my home, on our tablets. We have been using it quite a lot and I really like it.  It’s definitely mom-friendly in that it is self-grading. I also like the spelling and math facts practice.

High School Studies 
From Homeschool College USA comes this free, complete high school plan. From the website: “The 26 courses comprising the four years of study are based on a selection of typical requirements for freshman admissions in many colleges and universities.” Includes complete study plans, assignments, and links to downloadable resource materials including textbooks. I guess I no longer need to worry about homeschooling my next high schooler. I think this would work very well for a motivated, mature homeschool student. 

Ambleside Online (Kindergarten to Twelve)
Ambleside Online is a free literature-based curriculum for grades k to 12 that is designed to follow the educational philosophy of nineteenth-century educator Charlotte Mason. Many people have come together on this website to create a plethora of resources to introduce new prospective home educators to the curriculum. There are also links to active forum groups which are very helpful to the beginner and where even more resources can be found. The website helpfully includes links to the six books written by Charlotte Mason that explain her thoughts on education and child-rearing as well as summaries and modern English paraphrases for easier understanding. Please note that this program is written assuming a Protestant Christian worldview though it is possible to skip over or omit the occasional religious reference if your worldview differs.

The program requires parents to choose their own math program and a phonics program (you can find free options on our website). A number of the classic books that are listed in the curriculum are available for free online with some searching, but others would need to be purchased or borrowed from the library.

Overall, this is an excellent curriculum to introduce your child to classic literature and to encourage language arts skills. The quality of the math instruction will be dependent on the math program you choose, and the quality of the science instruction in the high school years is also dependent on your choice of an outside science curriculum (in the lower grades nature study is the science curriculum of choice, which is fine).  You will also find several variations on this curriculum, all based on the work of Charlotte Mason with some sort of twist or other. Some of those variations are listed below.

Easy Peasy Homeschool Grades Preschool to high school
This free homeschool program was created by a mom who homeschools her own children. I guess the mom is a Christian and there is Christian content but it does seem fairly easy to avoid if you are really desperate for a free curriculum and have different beliefs or disagree on some of the doctrine. I’d say that overall it is interesting and worth a look.  There are several Facebook groups dedicated to helping families navigate through the curriculum, so if you are nervous about homeschooling you can have access to a huge and enthusiastic online support group.

Beginning in first grade the instructions are written to the child, with asides to the parent, to encourage the child to work as independently as possible. The instructions are clear and easy to follow. There is even some instruction in the use of the computer and internet safety. The focus in the basic curriculum is on math, literacy, and thinking skills. There are history, science, fine arts, and foreign language courses to add in if you like. 

The high school part is on a separate website and right now it contains enough material for at least the first year of high school. Do not miss the “Links to other courses” on the right side menu near the bottom. 

Old Fashioned Education (Kindergarten to Twelve)
The Old Fashioned Education curriculum was created by a homeschooling mother and is completely reliant on public domain books, and loosely based on the educational philosophies of Charlotte Mason. There are several selections for each subject area and you will also find schedules and reading lists.  It’s pretty Christian oriented, and it’s based on vintage books which can also be pretty Christian, so be aware of that going in. 

Mater Amibilis
Mater Amibilis describes itself as a free online pre-k to grade 8 curriculum for Catholics, based on the educational philosophy of Charlotte Mason. Some of the books are out of copyright and can be found for free online, but you will need to check your local library for others. A few may need to be purchased. This curriculum does not include a math program.

Fun Free Unit Studies
I don’t often get to add things on this page. I’m pretty excited about this recent find. This is a homeschool mom who has a LOT of unit studies she is sharing for free, and she has them arranged in a kindergarten to “Year Three” format, or organized by subject. Apparently the Year Three unit studies can be used by fourth and fifth graders. This is a great curriculum idea if you like the idea of using unit studies for your elementary level students. I’m really interested in trying some of the science stuff. Anyway, there is more than enough material here to do a kindergarten through at least third grade curriculum with your child.

Curricki Curated Resources
This is a collection of lesson plans and courses for all levels and all subjects, though some subjects may not have resources for a specific grade level. The site will want you to register to access the resources. There is a lot of American history and civics, math (mostly high school), middle school and high school science, computer science, language arts (mostly middle and high school again but some K-3 reading comprehension, study skills materials, and a little Spanish.

Index of Open Educational Resources 
This is not a curriculum, and it’s not exactly easy to find anything, but it’s so important that I wanted to make sure that you knew about it. It’s exactly what it says it is, an index of free educational resources. This is a place where you can rummage around the sites that are well known for creating free curriculum and look for something new, or you can keep an eye on the developing sites for free curriculum and be among the first to find something new that might fit your needs. Most of what you will find here will be high school level materials or college level stuff that can be used by motivated high school students. But, you will find content in all subject areas so I guess it can qualify as a really messy site for a complete high school curriculum.

Ursa Minor Learning This is an interesting new site spotted out in the wilds of the internet. It’s for a Charlotte Mason inspired high school curriculum. The book choices are listed and it looks fascinating.

Free World University This is a complete homeschool curriculum that is based on flashcards. It’s clearly stated that the use of the flash cards is free, but there are paid plans that include tracking, exams, and that sort of thing. It’s kind of tricky to maneuver to where you can access the flashcards. You have to register for an account with the site, then NOT choose a tuition plan. Then you can click on the INDEX and navigate to the flashcards.