Budget Friendly Complete Curricula

The curricula listed below are not free. I have some particular favorites for complete curriculum that I’d like to share with you. I’m not listing anything that I haven’t personally purchased and used with my own kids, and I promise to only recommend the things I really like. Most of the links in this section are affiliate links, just so you’re aware of that. Some links will take you to Educents and some to Amazon.



Click on the link below to go to Educents and see this product.

Complete Curriculum: The Ultimate K-5 Homeschool Digital Textbook Bundle
This curriculum is hugely undervalued. I think that’s because the graphics are so lame. It’s a shame, because the quality of the material is really amazing. I’d love to buy this company and jazz up the graphics on this stuff, because it really deserves better graphics and I think more people would be interested in taking a look at it. You really won’t find a better value.

This is a complete curriculum for kindergarten through grade five, with student texts and teacher’s manuals for language arts, social studies, science, and math. It has 48 complete textbooks. It comes in digital format, so you have to download it. If you do, remember to save the files in a cloud account like OneDrive or Google Drive so that if something happens to your computer you are still able to use this material. I put the teacher’s manuals on my Kindle, and I put the student manuals on my kids’ Kindles. I don’t like to print things out, so I only printed out what absolutely had to be printed, otherwise I had the kids write in composition notebooks most of the time. You will need to do some kind of art or music, and some kind of physical education and health, and you will want to regularly visit your local library just for the heck of it, but otherwise you are good for six years with this set.

You can continue to use this set through high school graduation. I will post the links to those packages below. You can also purchase individual textbook and teacher’s manual sets for the individual subjects or complete sets for individual grades. This is good stuff, but I really hope they fired the guy responsible for the graphic design because he really deserves it. And the name, that needs to go also. This curriculum deserves better.

Click on the links below to check out these bundles:

The Ultimate 6th-8th Grade Homeschool Digital Textbook Bundle

The Ultimate High School Homeschool Digital Textbook Bundle

Bundle & Save: Complete Curriculum K-12 Bundle

The complete K-12 bundle is the one I bought, and it was on sale for $99. It’s the best deal ever. I don’t use it all the time for all the subjects, but I darn sure do use it and I really like knowing I have it on hand.


Complete Curriculum Workbooks Grades 1 to 6

  Confusingly, this is a completely different complete curriculum with the same name as the one listed above. These links will take you to Amazon. Sometimes you just want something that is “open and go”, and these hefty, inexpensive workbooks are actually pretty academically sound since they are created in partnership with the Harcourt educational publishing giant.

They are inexpensive and cover the material you need covered, and kids seem to enjoy them. These are thick workbooks, with over 700 pages of material in each.

Each workbook includes reading, spelling, language arts, math, writing, and test prep. You can pick workbooks for grades one through grade six. You can supplement science and social studies with library trips, or click over to my science and social studies sections where I will be listing some workbooks that I’ve used and like well enough to recommend for those subjects.

Click on the links below to check out these workbooks:

Complete Curriculum Workbook Grade One  

Complete Curriculum Workbook Grade Two

Complete Curriculum Workbook Grade Three

Complete Curriculum Workbook Grade Four

Complete Curriculum Workbook Grade Five

Complete Curriculum Workbook Grade Six


Preschool to Grade Three from School Zone

I have to admit I generally question the academic value of workbooks with giant cartoon characters on the front cover, and tend to shy away from them, but I had things come up that made me take a second, harder look at the workbooks that are out there for this age group. And I found this set I really liked.

These workbooks are over three hundred pages, so you really get some value for your money. The quality of the content is comparable to smaller, more expensive workbooks. They are published by School Zone.

Click on the links below to check out these workbooks:

School Zone Big Preschool             School Zone Big Kindergarten 

School Zone Big First Grade           School Zone Big Second Grade

School Zone Big Third Grade


Spectrum Workbooks

Finally, I really feel I have to add something about the Spectrum workbook series.

1. They are not as thick as the workbooks listed above. For some people that’s a plus, though.

2. Each workbook covers one subject for one grade, so you can order exactly what you want.

3. They are academically sound and yes, your child WILL learn what he or she needs to know for his grade level if you decide to go this route.

4. They cover up to grade eight in some areas, making them really useful for people who need an inexpensive workbook option for middle school.

5. As with any workbook based curriculum, you know going in that you are going to have to take the kids to the library to pick out reading books, and run them through the nonfiction section of the library to look at books on topics that interest them. You know you need to offer some art, music, health, physical education, or other electives to round out your child’s course of study. But yes, you CAN plan on having an effective home education program based around using these workbooks. 

I don’t have links up yet for the Spectrum workbooks, but I recommend going to Amazon to buy them. Make sure you get the newer editions.