Free Contemporary Math Curriculum

If you are looking for a free math curriculum, you are in luck. I think there are more free math programs out there than there are free programs for any other subject. Scroll down to see what we have listed for learners from kindergarten through high school.

mike-wilson-200289I was so happy to find so many good free resources for homeschooling middle school and high school math. When people hear that I homeschool, I often get some kind of negative reaction about how I could not possibly handle teaching algebra or higher math. What these folks don’t realize is that with all of the great free choices out there, I don’t have to.


Khan Academy is a website that offers free math curriculum. You can just start learning math, or you can choose a grade level “math mission”. Students can log into Khan Academy and begin the ‘Math Challenge’ to find their starting level. The math challenge begins with basic arithmetic, making this suitable for all grades. Middle school and high school math are available here also. One nice feature of this site is that parents can create a parent account and track their student’s progress. Another feature that I appreciate is that there are videos that do the teaching so I don’t have to unless there is a problem.

You can even print out reports if you need that kind of thing for a portfolio. Khan Academy math has been criticized as not offering ‘enough’ practice, and not having any printable worksheets. Personally, I used the worksheets on Math-Aids that I matched up with the skill. I like those worksheets because they always have an answer sheet.

This is a complete curriculum site that has a free math program for grades K to 8. The basic version is free and there is a paid option that offers more bells and whistles like printable worksheets. It might be just me, but I didn’t find the worksheets very useful. I just didn’t like them. I also thought that there was not enough actual explanation of the new concepts. It’s great for math facts practice as well, because it has a separate math facts fluency section.

Mathematics Enhancement Programme 
MEP is a very popular United Kingdom complete free downloadable math curriculum. The Primary Stage is a math program for US equivalent grades kindergarten to six and there is a program for middle and high school aged students as well. 

This program, or ‘programme’, is quite amazing. From the website “For each year there are practice books, detailed lesson plans, and copy masters to be used in lessons, as well as general information about the Primary MEP project. ”  The creators of this website have begun to offer some of the content in an interactive online format, and several year’s worth of material has been translated into Spanish.  I used this for my daughter for a couple of years. It’s definitely got a ton of material.
The CK12 Foundation is a non-profit entity dedicated to offering free STEM educational resources to the world. STEM, in case you don’t know, stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics.

CK12 offers a selection of downloadable, free ‘flexbooks‘ for arithmetic in grades six, seven, and eight, algebra, geometry, trigonometry, probability and statistics, and calculus. Some flexbooks come with companion teacher’s guides.

CK12 also offers early math and basic arithmetic online for grades 1 to 5 . Home educators can create classes and give assignments, using a concepts checklist to choose topics to study rather than just downloading a flexbook. Assignments created this way include written and video content along with interactive practice and flashcards.  

CK12 offers a special interactive program for learning algebra called Flexmath, and a sister site called Braingenie that offers learning games and activities for science and math, beginning in grade one.

This is a math website that offers free math lessons for students from kindergarten through eighth grade. It includes instruction and worked out examples, online practice, and games. There are no videos or worksheets

Mathopolis An interesting site with complete math curriculum from grade two to Algebra II that is based around ‘challenging games’. There is written instruction and worked examples, activities, printable worksheets, and quizzes.

Learn Zillion
A full curriculum for grades K to 8. Membership in Learn Zillion is free and don’t get scared by the Common Core alignment notices. It is set up to make it easy to teach, and there are videos and prompts to help you as the teacher help your student figure out the material. One positive aspect of this program is that It seems to encourage critical thinking. One drawback is that it is written in “teacherese”.

I didn’t see any links to worksheets or anything like that. I guess I’m just traditional that way in that I like to see that stuff, but it would be simple to add it in by matching the daily math topic with worksheets from a site like Math Aids. This looks really interesting.

Engage NY
This free curriculum developed by the State of New York is available for download online and offers content for Kindergarten through pre-calculus. The coolest thing about this curriculum is that it’s available in several different languages like Spanish and Chinese. It looks really cool, it really supports the teacher and seems to have the approach that encourages critical thinking by student. There are no videos. There is a worksheet (you know I like worksheets) that is designed to be completed in class.

 Mathworld   Online animated math lessons organized by grade level from k to grade six, from elearning. Looks interesting, but you would have to either pick and choose the lesson to match what you are teaching in another curriculum, or find a math scope and sequence you like to decide what order the lessons should be taught in, because they are not arranged in any particular sequence on the website.

College of the Redwoods Prealgebra
A free prealgebra textbook and the solutions manual. Not to tell you how to teach, but if you assign the odd or even problems in the chapter you can use the others for the end of chapter exam. Memoria Press sells tests and quizzes for this text if you’d rather buy those.

College of the Redwoods Algebra One
A free elementary algebra textbook and solutions manual.

College of the Redwoods Intermediate Algebra
A free intermediate algebra textbook and solutions.

Shmoop is an interesting, snarky, appealing subscription curriculum website that offers free “learning guides” for prealgebra, algebra I, algebra II, geometry, precalculus, and calculus. The learning guides have explanations, exercises, quizzes, handouts, and other resources. There is also a learning guide for financial literacy if you might be interested in that.

School Yourself
This site offers free video lessons for algebra up to calculus and statistics. It’s possible to track a student’s progress.

They also have free interactive textbooks but it looks like you can only get those on apple products.

Cool Math
This site has complete courses for prealgebra, algebra, and pre-calculus. There is online written instruction and some online exercises to practice the content.

Scout at University of California
Take high school courses from the University of California, including AP courses. You have to register and the courses run on a schedule. They aren’t totally free, there is a $19 registration fee, but it’s cheap enough to be a great deal.  Courses start at prealgebra.

SAS Curriculum Pathways
They offer a free, planned out algebra one course with videos and the works. Looks like fun. Make sure you contact them and sign up as a teacher so you can access the answer keys.

Master Math
Master Math is a complete online middle school math program that includes video lessons, worksheets, quizzes, and exams. Content includes organized, planned lessons for sixth grade, seventh grade, eighth grade and algebra one.  The creator of this website also offers to tutor for a fee.

Saylor Academy 
This organization offers free, complete college-level courses with assignments, readings from open source (free) textbooks and exams. Cruise the website and check out the selection of course offerings that are suitable for motivated high school students. Courses include Math Reasoning, Beginning Algebra, Calculus, Statistics, Real World Math, Geometry and more.

High School Studies
Homeschool College USA offers a free complete high school curriculum that includes complete courses with lesson plans, assignments, and open source (free) textbooks. Check out this website to find courses for high school level students. Courses include General Math, Algebra I and II, Geometry, Statistics, and Calculus.

Virtual Homeschool Co-op
This is a virtual homeschool cooperative run on a volunteer basis by homeschooling families. It’s free to sign up and take courses online. They usually have some Saxon Math based courses running during the traditional school year, and they also usually have some “at your own pace” classes available also. You would have to purchase the math text that the course is based on.

Eureka Math
You will have to create an account, and the site will make you go through a checkout process, but you can get free Eureka Math here for preschool through senior high school. This includes a downloadable teacher’s manual, the student work, homework, and tests.


Supplemental Math Resources 

alex-grodkiewicz-80913I’ve got listed some of my favorite sites to find free math worksheets to add to or to use as a supplement to any math program of your choice. Scroll down to find my favorite math facts practice site and the best math games sites. Sometimes in my own homeschool we would take a day off of our regular math program and just play math games.


Where to find great math worksheets

Dad’s worksheets is a great website with plenty of math worksheets for math practice. Unlike a lot of worksheet sites, this one has great stuff for older kids too.

Math-Aids I’ve been using this website quite often lately for their excellent customizable worksheets. This site offers free math worksheets for grades K to 12. They also have flash cards, printable graph paper, hundreds charts, and more.

Common Core Worksheets This website offers a selection of free printable math worksheets. Notable are the graphs and graph worksheets.

K12 Math Worksheets
A worksheet site for math worksheets for kids. If you like more colorful worksheets for your elementary level math student you might like this site.  Most of the worksheets are for elementary level kids. There are some middle school level worksheets but you have to click on the “browse by grade” button on the top menu to find them.

Math Drills is actually a really good math worksheet site for grades one through algebra

Math Salamanders has free printable math worksheets, math puzzles, math games, math word problems and even math coloring sheets. Looks like a great elementary level math site. 

Math Facts and Drill

Xtra Math  This is our favorite website for math facts drill. My kids use this site daily! You can drill addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.

Odds and Ends

Braingenie  is the math practice website for CK12.

Singapore Math Problem Solving Strategies is a single page website from Singapore Math that details strategies for solving math problems.  If you are interested in the Singapore method, save your money and check out this page for details on how it all works.

AOPS Algebra videos
A collection of free teaching videos for each section of the AOPS algebra book.While this is not a curriculum in itself, for those of us teaching prealgebra and algebra something like this of this quality can be a lifesaver. Pair it with some worksheets and you really do have a curriculum.

Pottorff Math
Short teaching videos for lessons in Saxon math from fifth grade to algebra I.

Step by step algebra lessons and worksheets. The site looks absolutely terrifying.

Virtual Nerd
Tutorials to help with math from grade six to algebra two. Browse the videos by topic.

Math Games

Internet4classrooms has links to math games for grades K to 12. It isn’t too difficult to click through the site to find games that help practice a selected skill.

Calculation Nation  Free to join and play math games against real opponents

Soft Schools Free math games and worksheets, organized by skill and not by grade level.

Prodigy A very engaging and free multiplayer math game that my kids really enjoy. is a website from the creator of the popular homeschool math curriculum Math Mammoth. The website has free worksheets, math videos, links to games, and more.

Math Playground is a website that offers math games. There are games for elementary level students and games for middle school level students.

Cut the offers math and logic puzzles and games. Definitely more for the middle school level student and up.

Cool Math is a website with free math games from pre-algebra up through calculus

Math is Fun has math games for middle school level students. has some free math games including games for fractions, division, measurement, and decimals.

Interactive Math games
A neat site that collects links to math games and organizes them into categories.

Lure of the Labyrinth
A really cool and entertaining pre-algebra game based on solving puzzles using concepts in pre-algebra.

Math Plane
Math fun and help for pre-algebra level students and up.

College Bound? Check out these sites!

SAT Math Bootcamp
A collection of 49 video lessons to review for the SAT. There is also a downloadable study guide.

ACT Math Review
A video based review course for the ACT

Math Stuff that doesn’t seem to fit anywhere else

Don Potter’s Math page  Some pages are hard to classify. This is one of them. Don Potter is passionately interested in education and has a collection of pages with links to some really great resources. This is his math page. On this page you can find a free download of First-Lessons in Arithmetic, Jones Bros., 1878 which he states is the best available resource to help students learn the fundamentals of arithmetic. He also includes some links to other books and his thoughts on those and other math topics.

Schoolhouse Rock Math 
Check out these great vintage Schoolhouse Rock math music videos!