Free Philosophy, Logic and Reasoning Resources


There are some really interesting resources here, including resources for elementary age children that use children’s literature to raise philosophical issues for discussion, and complete curriculum for older students.  Just what you wanted, a collection of links to some high-quality free philosophy lesson plans and complete curricula for kids from kindergarten to high school. Okay, so maybe it wasn’t on your list, but check it out and see what you think. I’m planning a Friday afternoon philosophy club with my kids next year

Center for Philosophy for Children
This site is from the University of Washington and features a lot of lesson plans plus ideas for exercises and games for teaching philosophy to children from elementary school age to high school age.

Teaching Children Philosophy
You might not think that philosophy and elementary age children go together, but Mount Holyoke College has a very different idea. Check out this collection of book modules. From the site ” For each story or book, you will find a summary of the plot, a discussion of the main philosophical issues raised by the books, and a series of questions that can be used to initiate philosophical discussion of the story or book with children”. Books include titles like Amelia Bedelia, Knuffle Bunny, Stella Luna, and lots more.

Winning Words Rainbow Curriculum
A planned out philosophy curriculum for children from the University of Chicago.

PLATO Philosopher’s Toolkit
A collection of lesson plans for students from elementary level to high school on various topics in philosophy.

Squire Foundation
This page has full curriculum and lesson plans for teaching classes on philosophy and ethics. The curriculum can be downloaded from the site and includes “Introduction to Philosophy” from the Center for Talented Youth, “High School Bioethics” from the University of Pennsylvania, and links to curriculum at other sites. Obviously teaching philosophy and ethics classes to high school level student is better done in a group setting, so see if you can round up some teens for a philosophy club.

The Value of Reflection 
A complete semester-long philosophy curriculum for high school students from Yale University.

Philosophy Pages 
An older site with a survey of Western Philosophy, a timeline, and a study guide. You may like this site to provide a “spine” for your high school student’s study of philosophy.

Crash Course Philosophy
A Youtube video playlist of over 40 video lessons on philosophy from one of our very favorite high school level Youtube channels.

Learn Out Loud
This audio book/podcast site (there are even links to some videos) has a lot of free titles on philosophy and ethics, including Plato’s Republic, Bertrand Russell’s History of Western Philosophy, Machiavelli’s The Prince, Marx’s Communist Manifesto, and lots more. Not a curriculum, but a great resource.

The School of Life
A Youtube channel with quite a few videos on philosophy and philosophers. Each video could be the basis for a weekly philosophy lesson and discussion.

Philosophy Tube
Another Youtube channel with a variety of short, interesting videos on philosophy, ethics, logic, and more. Make Friday afternoon your “Philosophy Salon” time and offer up a thought-provoking video with tea and scones.

Learning Games for Kids Logic Games
Check out a small collection of logic games for elementary and middle school level students.

Logic Games for Kids 
More logic games for kids in the elementary and middle school age level.