Geography and Biomes

National Geographic for kids
Videos and photographs of far away animals and place, and much more. 

National Geographic
Lesson plans and more

Mr. Nussbaum Geography
Here you will find some maps and interactive activities for kids.

Rader’s Geography for Kids
This is a complete course in physical geography for older elementary and middle school kids.

Geography for kids
This is a complete online textbook on physical geography for elementary and middle school level students brought to you from the Kids Know It Network.

NEOK12: Geography
A collection of video resources about geography. 

Duckster’s Geography
This interesting website offers maps, information on biomes and geographical features, and more. 

Mrs. Mitchell’s Virtual School Geography
This page has a huge collection of geography related links 

Social Studies for Kids: Geography
This site has useful articles on basic geography. Topics include the equator, prime meridian, longitude, latitude, and more 

World Biomes
A website dedicated to information on the biomes of the world. 

Blue Planet Biomes
This is an interesting and entertaining site on world biomes easily adapted to a plan of home education for upper elementary and older students. 


Don’t forget to check out Google Earth!

A plethora of geoscience news and information. Includes a huge United States map collection. If you want a map that shows elevations or a map that shows rivers in an area check here first.

CIA World Fact Book
Find facts on the countries of the world, as well as maps and flags

World Atlas
A world atlas website. 

Outline Maps
Need a map? Find free outline maps here. 

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Education Place
Find outline maps to print here!

BBC Schools Geography
Some online resources from the BBC related to geography.
Scroll down the list for some resources teaching geographical terms suitable for ages 7-11

BBC Schools The Beauty of Maps
This resource consists of six lessons with lesson plans, videos, and worksheets. From the website: “The programme explores five historical, geographical and religious maps, highlighting their artistic attributions and revealing the stories they tell.” This would be an interesting introduction to a study of geography at the middle or high school level.