Health, Safety, and Physical Education

Physical Education Fun

Go Noodle
Go Noodle is a Youtube channel with very silly three to five-minute videos intended to be used in schools to give younger students a chance to get up and move around a bit instead of being stuck sitting at a desk all day. My own kids absolutely love it and beg to take a “Go Noodle Break”.

Cosmic Kids Yoga
This is a Youtube channel that offers kid-friendly yoga workouts with fun themes. There are also some guided meditation videos for kids, and if you scroll down the page they have Cosmic Kids Zen Den with mindfulness videos too.

Circus Fit
From Ringling Brothers! You have to register to get access to the instructor material, but they do let you register as a homeschooler and it’s worth the trouble. There are nice lesson plans, video clips, printables, and the exercises include warm-ups, stretches, strength training and more. It looks like a lot of fun. I’m penciling this in for my son.

Learn to Fence
Okay, I went looking for these videos, because my kids wanted to learn how to fence and the nearest school that teaches it happens to be a couple hours away and very expensive. So, now my son is zipping up and down the hallway with his foam Nerf sword, practicing.
Fitness Blender
This is a site that has lots of free workout videos, including a Kid’s Fitness Blender workout. They do offer some paid services, so be careful clicking around.



Health and Nutrition

ELearning for Kids Health Curriculum
Grades K to 6
Online, animated and interesting basic health curriculum with 38 complete lessons. You may also want to check out the life skills lessons on the same website on topics like depression.

Nourish Interactive
This is my favorite nutrition site for kids. It has a ton of printables, lesson plans, and now it has nutrition online games. That’s right. Nutrition games.

Kids USA
This is a US government website with education-related links for kids. The site is separated into sections for kids in grades K to 5 and grades 6-8. Look for links on exercise, eating healthy, and health and safety. This is not a planned out curriculum but it is a good source of information and links on health.

Preschool Plan-It
Preschool Plan-it has health-related themes for the preschool age group, and some of the material in the various health themes could possibly be useful for kindergarten and early elementary students. I see themes on nutrition, dental health, exercise and fitness, vegetables, and more. Scroll down the alphabetical index of themes to find what you need.

First School
First School has some themes on nutrition and safety that you could use for kindergarten and early elementary level students, including some printables.

Busy Teacher Health Worksheets
This site is not just worksheets, and it’s a pretty eclectic collection of material. Looks like there is something here for just about every grade level, but you’ll need to scroll through it to find anything.

How the Body Works
This is a Youtube playlist of animated videos suitable for elementary level students from Kids Health.

Choose My Plate
This is a US government website that is well done with lots of interesting information, worksheets, printables, videos and actual lesson plans on nutrition. Looks like there is something for all grade levels.

Serving Up My Plate is another nutrition curriculum from the US Department of Agriculture for grades 1 to 6 with teacher’s guides and other materials.

Kids Health
Another site with something for all grade levels. This site even has teacher’s guides broken down by grade level. There are videos, worksheets, quizzes, and more.

CK12 Health
Free textbooks from CK12, including Teen Health Literacy, and a high school level student edition health text with a teacher edition and a workbook.

Johns Hopkins University Public Health Open Courses
Probably a little more than one would expect from a health class but suitable for the interested and motivated high school student.

Teen Health 
This is a kids health site that is set up for adolescents. It’s pretty good, and the information is accurate. It’s not exciting, but did you really think it would be?

Okay, it’s a government website and it’s not exciting. What it does have going for it is a collection of information on health topics. If you are really hard up for a health curriculum for an older student you could just pencil in this site and a suggested topic once a week and voila! Instant health curriculum.


Mental Health for Kids

Iris the Dragon

This site has free downloadable pdf books (look in the bookstore, the pdfs are free but you have to pay for the printed books if you want those) for kids on mental health issues like anxiety. There are also some free units of study for teachers to use in a classroom format (you can adapt these to homeschool) on topics like bullying and being an advocate for yourself.


Stranger Danger

Free Stranger Safety Curriculum from the Rose Brucia Stranger Safety Awareness Program, with video lessons and lesson plans for younger elementary kids and short workbooks for K to 6.


First Aid!

First Aid For Free
This is a site that has free online first aid courses. You can choose basic first aid, advanced first aid, anaphylactic awareness, pediatric first aid, and online courses for CPR and using an AED. While you probably ought to take a hands-on course if you can, these online courses are great for middle and high school students as a health class.


Vintage Health

First Book in Hygiene by William Krohn
This is a cute little vintage book on health and safety from 1904. It looks like it would be appropriate for elementary level students. The health and safety information in it is very general, but I’m sure there are some inaccuracies given how old it is, so you will want to pre-read the lesson, and yes it is broken down into lessons. If you plan on doing health once a week you could probably use this book for almost two years.