Modern Social Studies

Social Studies for Kids
An interesting website with social studies resources for students. I would say it’s most useful for students in upper elementary. Resources include an eclectic collection of links to material about US history, current events, geography, and more. It’s not laid out like a curriculum. It’s more like a buffet of information. You will have to pick a topic and just add that topic to your lesson plan or use this site to supplement a more planned out curriculum.

Social Studies at
A website about social studies for kids from K to grade 8 with videos, games, maps, and guides for parents and teachers. This is not a complete curriculum, and the information may be better used as a supplement to a complete curriculum.

Social Studies games on Interactive
A new and interesting website that collects learning games.

Mr. Nussbaum
This is a site created by a teacher. There is a lot of content here for upper elementary and middle school students. This link takes you to the main site so click on the menu to learn about history, the United States, or geography. You can really use this site as your main curriculum. For example, click on the history section, then click on the American Revolution. Look at the menu to the left. You’ve got readings, video, a timeline, online games, printable activities, and more. Just pick a topic that you want your child to study and go.

Social Studies games at PBS
Some social studies games at PBS, including games like  The Democracy Project, State Stumper, Road Quest, and more. ​