News and Current Events

CNN Student News
Produced by CNN, this short (10-15 minute) upbeat video daily news show for middle and high school kids is a great way to begin your school day. You will also find helpful teaching tools like a daily curriculum based on that day’s news show, discussion questions, maps, and more.

This kid’s news website is organized by grade level and topic, and includes maps. There is a separate teacher’s section for teachers to create a free account and chose content for a customized news page for their class.

C-Span Classroom
From the website: “C-SPAN Classroom is a free membership service for social studies teachers. Our mission is to enhance the teaching of social studies through C-SPAN’s primary source programming and websites.” You can view recordings of floor speeches made in both houses of Congress, explore the library of video and radio clips of your government in action on current events, a link to C-Span Classroom Deliberations with lesson plans, handouts, and more centered around a monthly current topic of debate, and links to topics of interest to the legislative process. This is a site for high school students.

Listen Current 
Listen Current has free current events podcasts on various topics. Students are also invited to share thoughts on a discussion question for each topic, and more.

NY Times Learning Network
On this site which is geared towards the high school level student, you will find lesson plans based on NY Times content, a weekly news quiz, daily writing assignment, student crossword, word of the day, and more.

PBS Newshour Extra
This site is intended for students in grades seven to twelve and includes resources for teachers like lesson plans and video content. Don’t forget to check out the PBS Newshour Extra Student Reporting Labs, designed to encourage middle and high school students

Channel One News
From the website: “Our mission at Channel One News is to encourage students to be informed, digital-savvy global citizens.”  In addition to a daily news show, there is video content on a variety of current events and news topics.

Time for Kids
Time for kids has some engaging news content for kids, but the best content, including teacher’s resources, are reserved for subscribers.  It is possible to view entire articles and other content, however.

Newspapers in Education
Check out the website for NIE to find weekly lesson plans for students from kindergarten to grade twelve based on current events in a wide selection of subject areas. This is one of those ‘not to be missed’ educational websites.

National Public Radio
Check out this website for podcasts and videos of current events. While there is no kid’s edition, your high school students will enjoy programs like the Morning Edition, All Things Considered, Science Friday, and more. Don’t overlook this site.

Lessons from TED Talks on a variety of subjects. Always interesting and though-provoking.