World History

Big History Project
The Big History Project is a social studies course for high school students. From the website: “The Big History Project is a free, online course that tells the story of our Universe and humanity. Developing a framework to help people learn about anything and everything. It’s inherently interdisciplinary – combining the best of social studies, humanities, and science. It will take about 6-8 hours to complete the core material and quizzes. The content mixes great editorial with videos, infographics, and imagery. Features leading academics and experts in a range of fields. Optional quizzes test your knowledge along the way” Suitable for middle school and high school students.

Crash Course Youtube video series
Need a crash course? Check out Crash Course’s history series to review or to get an overview of your favorite historical period. Crash Course Youtube video playlists are available for ‘Big History’, US History, and World History. If you haven’t yet experienced Crash Course, please check it out because you will really enjoy it. Most suitable for middle school and high school students but my elementary level kids love this stuff too.

World History for Us All
An online collaborative nine-unit world history curriculum suitable for students around grades six to ten. You can use it quite easily as it is presented on the web and there is also a downloadable student book for sale that was created from the web content. If you cover one unit for four weeks (you will need to supplement the material with additional readings, quizzes, assignments, and resources or projects) you can quite easily stretch this course out to teach world history twice a week for a year

A Guide to Teaching World History and Geography
Here you will find a complete world history textbook online, available for download, along with lesson plans, notes on teaching history, and more. Suitable for middle and high school students. ​

KidsKnowIt: World History for kids
A free online world history textbook written for kids in the upper elementary to middle school level. Covers prehistory to the French Revolution in twenty chapters.

Go Social Studies Go: World History page
Click on the box for the time period that interests you from the Neolithic Revolution to the Rwanda Genocide. Bite-sized single web-page units of world history with questions and quizzes. Nice for a jumping off point but far from comprehensive. Suitable for upper elementary to middle school and up. ​

BBC: History
The BBC, interesting and always entertaining, has offered this collection of history resources that includes video and other content, including a section on History for Kids suitable for younger students as well as more in-depth resources for older students. This is an excellent place to find material to augment your lesson plans on a particular topic.

Interactive Atlas of World History
Interesting interactive animation of condensed world history of mostly Europe, Asia, and North Africa.

Khan Academy: World History
A collection of world history related content on Khan Academy

Open Culture: The History of the World in 46 lectures from Columbia University
Real college-level recorded video lectures from a two-semester course in world history taught by Professor Richard Bulliet of Columbia University. There is a textbook that goes with this course that was authored by Professor Bulliet, if you are interested in the total experience.

The Earth and Its Peoples: A Global History, Volume I  This link is to Amazon and the edition of the textbook actually used in the lectures, which is available used for under twenty bucks.

Open Culture: The Podcast History of our World
An ambitious project currently underway. As of this writing, there are 38 podcasts and the creator is up to Socrates.

Open Culture: The History of the World in 100 Objects
From the website:  “…to tell, for just under fifteen minutes at a stretch, one chapter of human history as the trained eye can read it in an object like an early writing tablet, a Chinese bronze bell, or an Egyptian clay model of cattle. Don’t let the seeming plainness of these artifacts fool you; the show approaches them with all the most advanced audio production techniques. And after you’ve listened, you’ll realize that looked at from a suitably historical perspective, there’s not a plain object in this bunch.” A novel approach to world history, sure to be appreciated by your high school level student.

Eyewitness to History
A large collection of resources and activities to engage the student, organized by time period. A great resource to help you augment your planned lessons.

Saylor Academy 
This organization offers free, complete college-level courses with assignments, readings from open source (free) textbooks and exams. Cruise the website and check out the selection of course offerings that are suitable for motivated high school students.

High School Studies
Homeschool College USA offers a free complete high school curriculum that includes complete courses with lesson plans, assignments, and open source (free) textbooks. Check out this website to find courses for high school level students.

Scout at University of California
Take high school courses from the University of California, including AP courses. You have to register and the courses run on a schedule. They aren’t totally free, there is a $19 registration fee.

A world history site

Hyper History 
A huge site covering three thousand years of world history.