Lesson plan collections

You don’t have to reinvent the wheel!

Do you just need a great lesson plan to teach that one topic that your chosen curriculum doesn’t include?

Are you putting together your own curriculum the easy way using lesson plans of your choice pulled from a variety of sources?


Scholastic  The lesson plans on this site come from the favorite school publisher Scholastic and most of them feature Scholastic books that you can usually find easily in your local library.

SAS Curriculum Pathways  This is one of those huge sites that are almost impossible to categorize. For example, there is a complete planned out algebra one course here. The site is for grades K to 12 and includes the major subjects plus Spanish. There are a lot of lessons here to choose from. Some are interactive, some link to apps, some link to free books available on the Ipad.

Mensa for Kids  This site has an eclectic collection of lesson plans. One set was created with links to TED videos while another set was created using Hasbro games.

Australia Curriculum Lessons   There are complete lessons in every area you can think of and for all grade levels. The listed grade levels are of course Australian, but it’s not hard to figure out what level would work for a given US grade level.

Discovery Education  Everyone has heard of Discovery Education. They have some free lesson plans with worksheets and other extras for all grade levels.

PBS Learning Media  Another popular education organization with free lesson plans, teacher guides, and printables.

Teacher’s Net  Thousands of free lesson plans for all subjects and all grade levels

Hot Chalk   Free lesson plans searchable by subject and grade level

BBC Teacher Packs  Free lesson plans and printables from the BBC. Most interesting are the Dr. Who literacy and history packs.

Open Ed  This lesson plan site has one of the most annoying openings that I have yet encountered, but I promise you it is possible to sign up for a free account without listing a “real school” and without listing what textbooks you are using. If you persevere the rewards will be worth it. They have lesson plans that pull together resources from across the web as well as lesson plans that are based on popular public school textbooks.

Share My Lesson  You have to create an account but there are hundreds of thousands of lesson plans for all grades and all subjects.


There are a lot more great sites for lesson plans so I will be adding more links over time.